Top Six Cleaning Tips for Effective and Easy Washing

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Giving an RV a proper external cleaning can be simple and quick.  The following six tips enable any owner to establish an effortless maintenance routine.1. Owners should always rinse down the area to be cleaned prior to washing.  This helps remove any loose surface grime, so owners don’t scrub it into the finish.

2. Rain can leave black streaks, which should be washed off immediately.  The sooner the streaks are removed the easier they are to clean.

3. Less is more when it comes to mixing soap with water.  Too much soap will make the RV hard to rinse, leaving soap scum.

4. Owners should wash their rig early or late in the day.  Avoiding intense sunlight will make it easier to clean because the areas being worked on won’t dry too quickly.

5. Once everything has been washed, the RV should be waxed or polished to make the next cleaning easier.  Owners who keep up this routine will recoup the cost of all cleaning, polishing and waxing products used in their investment’s resale value.  Pro Polish is scientifically formulated to protect against the harsh effects of the sun, salt water and environmental fallout.  It repels water and provides a deep, high-gloss shine.  Better than an old-fashioned wax, Pro Polish is a polymer-based formula with cosmetic-grade ingredients and contains no fillers or talc.

6. To help prevent corrosion, seals, hinges, snaps and zippers should be coated with water-resistant lubricant.  Owners should take caution when applying liquid or spray lubricants.  Some are petroleum-based and drips or overspray may harm a gel coat or clear coat, upholstery and fabric.  A simple alternative to fighting with snaps or zippers is a quick dab of Shurhold’s water-resistant Snap-Stick lubricant, which comes in a handy tube.

Shurhold’s Snap Stick retails for $6.48, while a 16 oz. bottle of Pro Polish costs $22.98.