With Buff Magic, Go from Dull to Shiny in One Easy Step!

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Over time, boats will lose their original luster. UV rays, dirt, salt and moisture will all take their toll, leaving them dull and grimy looking. With Buff Magic Compound from Shurhold, it's easy to bring back their showroom shine and sparkle. It's a one-step reconditioner and restorer that's effective on a wide range of surfaces.

Unlike traditional buffing methods that require different grit compounds, Innovation Award-winning Buff Magic is a unique formula that breaks down as it's used. Ideal for application by hand or machine, the material's abrasives diminish to become ever smaller. This means that while it's tough enough to remove gelcoat staining and oxidation, tarnish and surface rust, it can be also used with confidence on delicate materials such as Plexiglas. It'll even remove stubborn P800-grade scratches that are common in areas of blowing dirt and sand.

Shurhold Buff Magic Compound doesn't contain fillers, so less product is used. Combined with being a one-step product, it's highly costeffective when compared to other buffing methods.

Using Shurhold Buff Magic Compound is straightforward. After applying a small amount onto the surface with a damp cloth, it's handbuffed until a residue appears. Then it can be worked with a soft microfiber cloth, or machine such as Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher fitted with a twisted wool pad. Once a shine appears, the surface should be sealed and protected; Shurhold Pro Polish Wax excels at this to guard against damage.

A 22 oz. jar of Shurhold Buff Magic Compound costs $28.98 and a 64 oz. container is $58.98. The Dual Action Polisher is $154.98 and a 16 oz. container of Pro Polish Wax is $19.98.

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