Make That Trailer Shine Like New

If your boat is your pride and joy, then you should take care of your trailer with the same attention to detail that you do your boat. A clean trailer lets you spot potential issues faster, increase the resale value of the entire package, and most importantly, keeps it looking good! 

Cleaning your trailer is easy and it's a great way to knock off built up grime or salt that's been missed after a few outings. It's quick and easy, with the return on investment potentially being years more use out your boat's transport system. 

This process is a lot easier with the boat off the trailer. We made it easy by dropping the kids off for a day on the water while we gave it a quick wash, but this job can be done in the boat ramp parking lot as well. Just make sure not to block the ramp and have a buddy handle the boat while you scrub ( or the other way around if your lucky! ).

Simply mix up your Britewash just like you would for your boat, which is 3oz for every two gallons of water. From there, it's as simple as scrubbing the trailer clean, preferably with a Medium Deck Brush. For really dirty trailers, you can substitute our Serious Multipurpose Cleaner for the Britewash to break down heavy grease and road grime. Rinse as you would normally once your home. It's that easy!

Until next time, Shurhold is here to help you keep your boat Clean-N-Simple!