Make your Fillet Table Look Brand New!

Is your fillet table starting to show its age? Are stains becoming harder to remove or blood not washing away like it used to? Over time, your starboard or wooden fillet tables will accumulate knife marks, gouges, and scrapes that not only look bad, but hold on to bacteria and other contaminants. Thankfully, it's easy to remove those scratches and make a fillet table look like new with Shurhold and a little sandpaper!

For this project we used the original Dual Action Polisher, but you can use the Dual Action Polisher Pro as well. Just make sure to purchase the right sized sanding disks to match the machine you're working with. That means you'll need 5" disks for the original Dual Action Polisher and 6" disks for the Pro model.

We chose to use three different grits. 60 grit was enough to level the starboard to the bottom of the scratches and leave a clean white surface. 80 grit was then used to remove the 60 grit scratches and further level the surface. To finish, we used 120 grit to leave a finely pebbled finish that will easily shed blood and dirt.

There you have it! A simple job to make your fillet tables look brand new again. Until next time, we're here to help you keep your home Clean-N-Simple!