Shurhold Polisher Repair

Shurhold Polisher Repair
Shurhold Polisher Repair

This service is a FLAT rate diagnostic and repair for the Shurhold Dual Action Polisher #3100**. This covers all labor and materials to return the tool back to full working condition. The repair is for functional and operational components and does not cover cosmetic repairs.  

FLAT Rate repair will only cover up to two of the following components:

Power Switch and Assembly, Speed Dial and Assembly, Power Cord, Bearings, Motor, Drive Shaft, Orbital Assembly, Gear Box

Units requiring more than two of the above items will be deemed not repairable by the technician.

Included in this service is return shipping to any continental US address. The customer is responsible for shipping the unit to Shurhold for repair.  As a bonus, all repairs will include a new FREE set of motor brushes installed. ($10 value)

After purchase please print your receipt for repair and put it in the box with a note describing the issue.  Send unit via a trackable shipping method to:

3119 SW 42nd Ave
Palm City, FL 34990 

(Shurhold is not responsible for buffers lost in shipping that never arrive at the repair facility)

**Shurhold will only accept units for repair that have not been altered in any way, tampered with, previously repaired or taken apart by customer. If a unit is found to have any of these conditions, the unit will be shipped back to the customer without repair.  The refund amount will be the cost of repair service with deducted return shipping charges.

**Additionally, units that are damaged or destroyed beyond reasonable repair at the discretion of the technician may be refused for repair and returned to the customer.  The repair amount will be refunded.

**Repair work carries a 90-day warranty on repaired components only.

Please call customer service if you have any questions/concerns about sending in your Shurhold Polisher unit. 772-287-1313


Units will be repaired or replaced at Shurhold's discretion.  

Turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days from receipt of the unit.


Customer Reviews

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Chris Plummer
Excellent produce and customer service

My older polisher started to have a wobble to the pad shaft. I believe the bearing was going and wearing the shaft. When I contact Shurhold for parts or repair I was sent to the repair link. My machine was replaced with a new one. Easy peasy. I have never had such great customer service. I use all the Shurhold products and am very happy with them. The videos really help to maintain my boat and car in like new condition.

Robert H.
Very happy customer

Had what I thought was major damage, wasn’t sure if they’d be able to fix it but their website said that they would send it and your money back if they were unable to fix it, so it was a no-brainer came back fixed works good as new awesome!

Aaron Kennedy
Great service

We have used Shurhold for our repairs on our Polisher's for many years. They are always very professional, punctual and take care of us very well! They will even replace your old one if they are not able to fix the issue.

Don Parr
Outstanding Service

My switch on my old polisher was not repairable when I sent it in for service. I got a email back saying they are replacing with a brand new unit! That is what customer service is all about and couldn't be any happier. Shurhold polishers are the best machines I have ever used and now will only use as they stand behind the product!! Great job Shurhold Team and keep us the great customer service you provide!!

Kenneth Fuller
Polisher Repair Service

I never knew they offered this service until I phoned requesting parts. They mentioned they had a flat rate for repair service, so I jumped on it since they don't sell parts. I was very pleased with how quickly they repaired it and mailed it back. Works just like new. Thank you.

Shurhold Polisher Repair

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