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Deluxe One Bucket System

Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2017):
This bucket is the best you can buy! Yes, you can go to your local hardware store to buy a cheap 5 gal plastic bucket. BUT... those NEVER last in the marine environment, I have gone through a couple of buckets because of cracking and the crappy handle that they put on the crappy hardware store buckets.

The Shurhold Bucket system is meant-to-be for the marine environment. It works great! I love everything about this wonderful bucket!! The handle will never rust and corrode on you and break because it is a quality marine rope. The bucket base is the best invention to man-kind! It never tips over and it does not scratch up my boat. I also love the accessories that come in side the ONE BUCKET KIT. The grate is very convenient for measuring just the right amount of boat soap (my favorite part about it). Plus, it features a grate for keeping the water that the brush touches very clean. Another added bonus, the caddy. This helps keep my essential hand scrubbing tools and some chemicals in the bucket for convent use. The seat keeps everything inside and acts like a lid. It is also a convient step stool and a comfy seat to use at dock while fishing.

I would highly recommend buying the Deluxe One Bucket system!!!