Bilge Rat – Cleaning and Maintenance for all of your Underdeck Compartments

Your boat may be perfectly waxed and shine like it just left the showroom, but how does it look on the inside? We are talking about the bilges, compartments, and storage hatches that are scattered around your boat. These areas are often overlooked, permanently damp, and otherwise neglected. Here at Shurhold we encourage you dive into these recesses not just to clean them, but to help keep your boat safe and functioning properly. These compartments often house electronics, seacocks, strainers, and other equipment that needs to be regularly maintained. Cleaning is the perfect opportunity for a visual inspection of these key components. So how do you clean and protect your bilges and compartments? With Shurhold, it’s Clean-N-Simple.


What you will need:

How you do it:

  • Start at your most forward and highest hatch. Most boats have the compartment drains connect all the way to the aft bilge, so any dirt or grime that gets washed away will all eventually make it to the back of the boat for final cleaning
  • If bilges have oil or heavy grime, consider using the degreaser. If you do. use the product sparingly and quickly wipe up the excess. These products are extremely harsh and should be used with great care. Use the scrubbing pad to break any oil loose
  • If no oil is present, start with Serious Marine Cleaner (SMC) by spraying down the areas that need to be cleaned. Pull up debris and grime with your rag or cloths. Use new clean cloths as needed
  • Use the wire brush on any fittings or connections that are starting to rust. Scrub until you can see hard metal again, and then protect with Corrosion Block.
  • Clean all fixtures with Serious Shine. This will add a light layer of protection and leave the hatch smelling clean.


Happy Cleaning!