Buckets Help Keep your Catch Tasting its Best!

It’s hard to argue that a big part of offshore fishing is bringing in the catch for dinner. Whether it’s Snapper, Tuna, Wahoo, or Mahi, they all have to be filleted for the dinner table. Shurhold has a neat  trick we’ve been using for years to keep your catch as fresh as possible. Give it a try on you next trip!

Using a 5 gallon bucket, grab some seawater before you head in from offshore. This clean, very salty water is perfect for rinsing your fillets the you get back to the dock. The saltwater won’t deteriorate the meat like fresh water, so you can safely rinse any extra scales and blood off the meat before eating or freezing it for future meals. Your fish will be firm and tasty!

There you have it, another Clean-N-Simple tip from Shurhold!