Cleaning and Prevention of Mold in your Carpets

If you notice mold developing in your boats, car, or RV’s carpets, you should make it a priority to clean it. Mold will spread quickly and is a serious health hazard. You will want to clean it thoroughly and, if your carpets are removable, the floor below it. Severe molding should warrant the removal, cleaning, and re-installation of the carpet.

What you need:
  • Mold Away (and an empty spray bottle)
  • Stiff Scrub Brush
  • Cloths or Microfiber cloths
  • Dustmask to avoid inhaling spores


How you do it:

If the carpet is removable, go ahead and do so. If not, determine if the mold infestation warrants cutting and pulling it. If you see mold at the edges of the carpet, that's usually a sign of an underlying infestation. If that's the case, the carpet will have to be removed.

 Start by mixing the Mold Away and spraying the affected area. Let the product soak for a few minutes before scrubbing with the area with the Scrub Brush. The goal is to loosen the mold and break it away from the carpet or floor. Use a wet/dry vacuum to lift the mold as you clean it from the carpet. Repeat this process until all the mold has been removed. Wipe and dry the area with the cloths. Let the area dry completely before reinstalling the carpet.

Before you reinstall the carpet, it's important to determine exactly how the mold growth started. Is there a leak? Did you spill something? If there is a problem, fix it. Otherwise, the mold will return!

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