Cleaning the Engine Bay

Tired of lifting the hood of your vehicle and seeing everything covered in grease, dirt, and dust? Rely on the Shurhold System to help you detail your engine bay and leave it just as clean as the rest of your ride. Serious Marine Cleaner is a powerful on grime yet gentle on electrical connections and machined pieces in your rides engine bay.

What you need:

  • SMC
  • Detail Brush
  • Rags

How you do it:

  • Start by taking off any plastic covers or plates. This will give you better access to the engine block and actually machinery. If your unsure of your ability to put the covers back in the right place, take a picture for reference before cover removal
  • Spray SMC on any oil stains, grease, or liquid grime that you see. Let the product soak
  • Wipe the oil and grease up with your rags. There should be no oil deposits left at the end of this step.
  • Look for built up deposits, rust staining, or other grime that can’t be wiped up. Again, spray these with SMC
  • Scrub with the Detail Brush until clean and wipe up the excess with a rag.
  • Reinstall any plastic covers. Your done! 

Shurhold is here to help keep your Boat, Car or RV “Clean-N-Simple” A full list of helpful how to articles and videos can be found at