Cleaning while Fishing is Easy with the Shurhold System!

When your fishing, things can get a bit messy (or at least they should!). Chunks of bait, coagulated blood, spilled drinks, etc can all quickly stain your non-skid, hull, and vinyl padding. If you let these messes sit too long, your cleanup at the dock will go from a quick rinse down to a timely ordeal!

After you’ve reset the lines and the fish is on ice, have someone get to cleaning! Start with your wash down system or by rinsing the cockpit with a bucket of seawater to get the majority of the blood off the deck. Remember to get under the gunnels and over the side where the fish was brought into the boat. Leaving the blood and guts to dry not only makes cleanup harder, but it will also damage your wax coating and eventually begin to stain the gelcoat.

Now grab your Shurhold Deck Brush and start scrubbing away at any scales or dried blood that didn’t come off with the rinse down. Again, focus on the hard to reach areas where blood could be hiding. Those are the stains that bake in throughout the day and become difficult to remove at the end of the day. 

Finish by rinsing the deck down one more time. The only thing that should be left at this point is some salt water. Time to watch the lines…or reel in that next fish!