Cleaning your Electronic Displays while Fishing

Fishing is a messy adventure. Whether it’s sunscreen or fish slime, your boat is going to get dirty when having a good time on the water. This mess can often be cleaned up later, but what about your touch screen electronics? You need to be able to read the screen and find the next bite.

To clean your electronics during your fishing day, consider a can of our Serious Shine Quick Spray Detailer. It’s a aerosol spray that Cleans, Polishes, and Protects in one easy step.

Start by locking your electronics screen so scrubbing it clean won’t affect the settings. Once that’s done, grab your Serious Shine and a clean Microfiber Towel. Simply spray the Serious Shine on the screen and buff it clean with the towel. It’s that easy! This method will result in the deepest clean for your screens without damaging the finish. No scratches in the plastic, no salt left behind. Now get out there and have fun!

Until next time, we’re here to keep your boat, truck, car, or RV Clean-N-Simple!