Practice Social Distancing with a Clean Boat!

With large public events being canceled due to concerns over coronavirus COVID-19, boating is perhaps the most enjoyable way to spend time with immediate family while still social distancing. Even away from the crowds, there are still everyday germs to contend with on a boat.

We're happy to bring you a Clean-N-Simple Tip that will help sanitize the boat using a quality soap like our Brite Wash and detailers like our Serious Shine. In a home, neatness counts when it comes to cleaning. But on a boat, almost every exterior surface is designed to get wet. This makes it fast and easy to use a quality soap such as Shurhold Brite Wash and liberal amounts of rinse water.

Because of the makeup of soap, it actually breaks apart the virus and also dissolves the bond between the virus and the surface it's residing on. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this makes it more effective at combatting COVID-19 than alcohol or disinfectants. This makes it ideal for hands and large areas of a boat such as foredecks and cockpit soles. There's little doubt that bleach kills germs.

Bleach wipes are extremely handy to use and disinfect areas quickly. But it can also quickly degrade gelcoat and vinyl, discolor paint and corrode boat fittings. Shurhold is recommending to stick with boat soap to protect these surfaces. If you do insist on these harsher chemicals, limit them to wiping the high-touchpoint areas only, it's important to immediately rinse with fresh water and dry with a chamois.

The final step, detailing with Shurhold Serious Shine, removes the caustic effects of the chemical and protects surfaces against the harmful effects of UV rays. Serious Shine is simply sprayed on and wiped off with a clean microfiber cloth. Once the solution begins to disappear, the cloth is flipped and the area lightly buffed. The result is a deep, germ-free, clean, attractive high gloss finish and no greasy residue.

Stay safe and enjoy the time with your family on the water. Until next time, Shurhold is here to help you keep your boat Clean-N-Simple! 

If you want to learn more about the Coronavirus and what steps you can take to prevent its spread, head to the CDC Coronavirus Site