E-Z Anchor Install and Review

Shurhold is always looking for new, creative products that solve the problems or overcome the challenges we face while running our boats. Today, we're covering a fantastic product that completely changed how we anchor the 430 SeaVee. 

Most recreational boats use a direct pull / no drum system that simply draws the line through the mechanism and drops it into the anchor locker below. This is a simple installation that works well enough. However, the pull-through system has one major drawback. The line that's left to rest in the anchor locker is extremely prone to tangling and knotting, especially in rough seas or at high speeds. This results in one of our crew having to move to the foredeck, reach in the anchor locker, and untangle the line as it tries to pass through the windlass. This creates a frustrating situation at best and a dangerous situation at worse. 

This is where the E-Z Anchor Puller comes in. As a drum style windlass, all of the line and rode are contained on a spool and are not allowed to tangle. Using simple push-button operation, the anchor can be deployed and retrieved safely and consistently. It's made of stainless steel and is constructed with a simple, durable design. Thanks to our choice to use a dacron backing, we actually have around 600 feet of anchor line available to us, which is more that we had in the original setup! 

As with any modification, there were challenges. Watch the video above to see how we overcame the difficulties of installation and to see the E-Z Anchor in action! 

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