Edson Marine Wheel Review

A great steering wheel is all about having a secure and strong connection to the boat your piloting. Whether it be rough seas, close quarters maneuvering, or long rides, your steering wheel of choice is a critical part of your day on the water. So why not have the best?

When looking at options for our 23 Albury Brothers Project Boat, we came across the Edison Marine Comfort Grip Power Wheel and immediately noticed the quality. It's a solid stainless wheel with a built-in tilt and control and a rubberized comfort grip underneath. The result? One seriously perfect powerboat wheel. 

The tilt control gives you plenty of options to fill any preference. Want to be right on top of the wheel for more vertical input? You can do that. Want to lean back in the helm seat? You can find the right angle. The versatility is a great option to have. Additionally, the wheel knob never got stuck or jammed, making steering with the tool easy and enjoyable. 

The rubberized bottom is what really sets this wheel apart. The comfort grip and solid construction really make a difference on rough days. Our captain delivered this boat from Stuart, FL to Harbor Island in less than ideal conditions. After many hours of holding on to the wheel through rough seas, nothing was loose or damaged. No better stress test than that! 

In summary, we couldn't be happier with our Edson Marine Power Wheel. Until next time, we're here to help keep your boat Clean-N-Simple!