Help Prevent Sunscreen Staining

Sunscreen is absolutely vital to your life on the water. Everyone should wear it and Shurhold is a big advocate of it.  That said, it’s known to leave a hard to remove orange stain on pretty much everything, especially marine vinyl. The orange staining that’s left behind is extremely hard to remove and will quickly discolor this material.

To help prevent staining, you wan’t to be smart about how you apply sunscreen. Before you start your day, lather up off the boat to keep any excess from ending up on the vinyl. It will keep the spray and unabsorbed sunscreen from rubbing off on the boat. When it’s time to reapply, head to the cockpit away from the seats to keep transfer to a minimum.

You can also lay down beach towels or secondary cushions to keep the vinyl looking fresh. The towels will act as a barrier between you and the boat.

There you have it, a few more Clean-N-Simple Tips from Shurhold!