Household use of Shurhold Chemicals

Today we are going to talk about using boat products in our garage and around the home.

We have a full dock box of cleaning gear for our Wellcraft 340 Coastal, so what, if any of these products can be used on your car, RV or home? Lets Take a Look…

  • Brite Wash – Environmentally friendly and perfect for cleaning dirt, grease, salt, and more. This is a great car, boat, and RV soap. Be careful if trying to use regular car soap for your boat. Most of these have harsh chemicals which are not safe for run-off in the water.
  • Buff Magic – Not only can you use this in the garage and to restore headlights, but you can also get scratches out of your car. For around the house use, you can polish stainless steel and metals around the house like BBQ grill and bottoms of pots and pans.
  • Serious Shine – Can be used virtually anywhere. Stainless steel appliances, glass mirrors, computer screens, eyeglasses, counter tops, inside car interior, and your windshield.
  • SMC – Floor mats, also makes a great window washing fluid.
  • Pro Polish – Great for waxing your Car, RV, Semi, or Motorcycle.
  • Shurhold Handle – Snap on a squeegee for the windows, or a broom head to sweep out the garage, and of course our top quality cleaning brushes are great for your Car, SUV, or RV.

So next time you have a clean up job around the house or in the garage, remember you don’t need more specialty products, you already have a dock box full of the best!

Until next time, make sure you keep your boat, CAR, RV, and HOME Clean-N-Simple!