How do I Protect my Snaps and Zippers?

How do I protect and lubricate my snaps and zippers?

Today we are working with John Greviskis from Ship Shape TV on our 430 SeaVee Express talking about one of our most useful products, Snap Stick.

The boat is equipped with a beautiful enclosure that has a number of snaps and zippers.  These are some of the most over looked mechanical items on a boat.  We tend to notice them only when they stop functioning properly, becoming stiff or hard to snap.

Luckily, taking care of your snaps and zippers is easy. Just grab some Snap Stick!

For snaps, you want to rub some on the male stud end and then snap it together to lubricate and protect both halves.  This will help prevent them from seizing in the future.

For zippers, run Snap Stick along the open teeth of both sides then work it in with the zipper pull.  This also works great on zippers off the boat like those found on golf bags and wetsuits.

Additionally, Snap Stick can also be rubbed on a key to protect the inside of locks or along a drill bit to lubricate it for drilling holes in metal.

Your snaps and zippers are mechanical devices and should be treated as such.  Clean them on a regular basis and they will give you years of trouble free operation.

Until next time keep your boat CLEAN-N-SIMPLE!