How do we make our World Famous Brushes?

You know that Shurhold makes the best brush in the industry. But do you know how we do it? Today, John Greviskis from Ship Shape TV stopped by our factory in Palm City, FL to learn exactly how Shurhold manufactures our newest creation, the Combo Brush.

We start off with a high quality, solid wood block milled to our specifications. These blocks are stamped with our logo and then loaded into the brush machine itself. These blocks then have between 300-500 holes drilled in them, ready to accept the marine grade bristles.

These bristles vary depending on the brush, but they are all stapled into the holes with a special wire that won’t rust. These staples form a rock solid connection between the bristles and the wood. From there, the brushes are sent to our trimming and flagging machine. Here, the fibers are cut to shape and split on the ends. By splitting the fibers, our brushes are able to hold more soap and water.

To complete the brush, a rubber bumper is installed on the outside of the block and our Shur-lock adaptor is screwed into the wood. After being marked with the appropriate sticker, the brush is ready to be boxed and shipped to you!

Shurhold takes pride in making the best quality cleaning supplies available. We hope these brushes will help keep your investments Clean-N-Simple.