How to Care for your Fishing Reels

Your fishing reels and rods are the biggest investment in your pursuit of gamefish besides the boat itself and deserve to be taken care of in a similar manner. At the end of the day, you should give your boat a good wash. Why not your reels? A proper freshwater bath is the best way to keep them from corroding and deteriorating, but is there more you can do to keep them in top shape?

Start by locking down the drags on all of your reels. This will close them off and prevent the salt from the outside of the reel from penetrating into the inside of the gears and bearings. Start rinsing high on the rod and work your way down, making sure to hit all sides. You really can’t use too much fresh water. Once it’s been rinsed, back off the drag and re-rinse the reel to remove any remains of salt from the edges of the bearings. 

If you want to go the extra mile, dry your rod and reels with a chamois towel. This will prevent water spots and keep them looking like they just came out of the box and ready for another long day on the water.

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