How to clean Dock Lines, Rope, and other Cords

Your boats lines often get overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Dirty lines can scuff the paint and surface of your boat. If they get salty and aren’t washed off, they will become very stiff and hard to work with. Supple lines not only making docking the boat easier and safer, but also help your knots and cleats hold better as well. Fortunately, rope maintenance is relatively easy and even more so with Shurholds’s line of products.

What you will need:

How to do it:

  • Start by filling a clean bucket with fresh water. Remember that adding the rope will make the water level rise, so don’t overfill.
  • Add the Serious Marine Cleaner to the bucket and stir. Its generally best to add the cleaner after you fill the bucket to eliminate excessive suds.
  • Soak the rope in this solution for around 10 minutes. This will loosen the grime embedded in the rope.
  • Pull the rope, line, or chord from the bucket in sections, with one hand holding the rope high and a foot pinning it down. Take the Rope Brush and scrub the taught section of line until clean.
  • Repeat down the entire length or rope until no dirt remains.
  • Rinse the rope with fresh water and hang to dry.

Happy Boating!