How To Properly Tie a Cleat Hitch

Being able to tie a cleat hitch is one of the most important skills you can have as a boater. It is the single best way to secure a line to your vessel because the knot is quick to tie and very secure when done properly. Unfortunately, many boaters haven’t mastered this skill or tie the hitch improperly. On Today’s Clean-N-Simple Tip, Shane Berhoff teaches you how to tie the perfect version of a cleat hitch!

Start by wrapping the base of the line around the farthest side of the cleat. It will serve as a stronger base for the hitch than the forward side of the cleat would offer. Continue the wrap all the way around the cleat so the line is once again facing the farthest side of the cleat. Run the line over the top of the cleat and wrap it around the horn. Now, create a loop and secure it around the forward horn. Make sure the lines are laying parallel, and pull tight. There you have it, a perfect cleat hitch!

Until next time, Shurhold is here to help you keep your boat Clean-N-Simple!