Automotive Interior Cleaning

Your car, truck or RV may shine on the outside, but what about the interior? You will spend the majority of your time using your ride sitting inside the vehicle, so why not make it look good? Not only will it look better, a thorough cleaning will eliminate odors and help bring back that “new car smell.” Thanks to Shurhold’s  line of powerful cleaning chemicals, your ride can shine inside as well as out.

What you need:

  • Serious Shine
  • Serious Marine Cleaner
  • A Strong Vacuum
  • Microfiber Cloths

How you do it:

  • Remove your floor mats, seat covers, or similar protective items. You will need to wash these separately. Floor mats can usually be rinsed off and left to dry.
  • Remove all loose items from your car. Leave nothing that would impair the area you are trying to clean. Yes, that means the change in your cup holders and old CD from you sun visor.
  • The next step is to vacuum. Hit every area you can reach, not just the carpets. Your car is filled with dust, dirt, and grime, and other particles. Seats, sun visors, the dash, and all of your compartments should be thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Your next step will be detailing with Serious Shine. It can be used on any non-cloth surface. Make sure you use microfiber cloths as opposed to paper towels or rags. They are much gentler on your car and will leave the surface shining bright.
  • Start with your headliner and work down from there. You should spray and wipe every surface to help pick up dust and eliminate stains.
  • Use Serious Shine on leather seats. Clean as you would the dash. Stains in the cloth seat can be treated with Serious Marine Cleaner, but test the product on an inconspicuous area first.
  • Stains in your carpet can also be treated with Serious Marine Cleaner. Spray the area and scrub with a rag or brush.
  • Finish by detailing your windows. Use Serious Shine and a clean, folded microfiber cloth. Spray on and buff with one side of the cloth and dry with the other side.