Is your Soap Stripping your Wax?

Featured on Ship Shape TV: Is your Soap stripping your Wax?

Today, John Greviskis with Ship Shape TV stopped by to discuss issues with spotting after washing his PWC. As explained in the video, there is a big difference between Marine and Car soaps and the soap you use in the kitchen.

First off, standard kitchen soap is really strong and designed to cut grease and other compounds. This feature is not good for Boats, Cars, and RV’s as it will quickly degrade the wax finish exposing your surface to the elements.

Additionally, while both good quality Auto and Marine soaps will not strip your wax, not all Automotive soaps are environmentally friendly for the waterways around your vessel. Conversely, Marine soap will work perfectly on your Car or RV.

Last and maybe most important is to follow the mixing direction on your soap.  More is not better! Using a mixture that is too rich in soap will cause several issues:

  • Too strong and may strip wax;
  • Will tend to leave soap spots as it dries since it is harder to properly rinse off;
  • May no longer be environmentally friendly with the wrong concentration;

Shurhold’s Brite Wash is a high quality Boat, Car, and RV wash that when used properly won’t strip your wax.

Thanks to the whole crew at Ship Shape TV for stopping by. Until next time keep your boat CLEAN-N-SIMPLE!