Make Your Next Dive Trip Better Than Ever!

Hey everyone, Tiann here! I'm Barry's better half and I'm bringing you a few helpful tips to make your life on the water easier. Today, we're talking about snorkeling with friends and family!

Like many of you, snorkeling and diving are a big part of our family's boating adventures. There is nothing like exploring under the water's surface to see beautiful corals, schools of fish, and other unique marine life. Also, like many of you, our family struggles to deal with all their dive gear! Tripping over everyone’s masks, fins, snorkels, and all the other accessories were a common part of any dive trip until we finally said “no more” and started looking at ways to organize all our stuff!

Fins were a big part of the problem. They take up tons of space on the deck and are a huge tripping hazard. Luckily, we’ve found a solution thanks to the great folks at Fin Holder! They make super handy canvas bags that you can hang over your boat's railing and pipework. Any water drains through the perforated material and, most importantly, keeps the fins organized and off the deck! You can look them up at to get a few for yourself. 

The masks and snorkels were another big problem. We’re always afraid to step on them and they get so dirty rolling around the bottom of the boat. Fortunately, one of our friends is a professional diver and he suggested a method we now swear by! All you need is some of your favorite “no tears” shampoo, some freshwater, and a bucket. Shurhold makes the “World’s Best Bucket,” which is a great choice if I don’t say so myself! You see, we use the bucket as both a storage bin and a cleaning station. Simply mix the freshwater and a little of the shampoo into the bucket to create a bath that your masks can sit in while not being used. Not only does everyone’s mask end up in the same place, but the shampoo solution also cleans the mask and acts as a natural defogger for the next dive. You can’t beat that!

There you have it guys, that’s how my family organizes our dive trips. I hope the tips in this article will help organize your next trip as well! Until next time, we’re here to help keep your boat Clean-N-Simple!