Our New 10" Combo Brush!

John Greviskis of Ship Shape TV joins us this week to check out Shurhold's newest attachment, the 10" version of our Combo Brush! Just like the original 6" version, this brush scrubs harder when you do! The ring of soft red bristles is perfect for any smooth surfaces, like your polished gelcoat. For tougher stains, a core of medium bristles is waiting for you to apply a little more pressure. Once you do, the soft fibers move out of the way and the stiffer fibers of the core take over.

Like all of our 10" Brushes, thus Combo Brush fits into any standard 5 gallon bucket and makes scrubbing large areas easier than ever. Watch the video for more content, including a summary of our other brushes and their intended usage. 

Until next time, Shurhold is here to keep your Boat, Truck, Car, or RV Clean-N-Simple!