Power Cord Cleaning

Your power cord is an often overlooked part of  detailing. It’s a heavy and cumbersome piece of equipment, which usually means a bit of dragging or hard drops at the dock or campground. Because of it’s rubber coating scuffing happens easily and can be tough to remove. Those same scuffs can leave transfer on your otherwise immaculate vessel  or RV as well. Here’s how to keep your power cord in top shape for the season.

What you will need:

How to do it:

  • If in a housing: Pull out the entire length of the cord for cleaning, not just how much you would use at your home port. If the cord is freestanding, make sure it’s all easily accessible
  • Start scrubbing! The brush will work well for surface stains, deeper scuffs may require Serious Marine Cleaner and hard scrubbing
  • If stains persist, let the cord soak in a Serious Marine Cleaner solution. Make sure to keep the exposed electrical ends dry.
  • Rinse and dry the cord, especially if you are winding it back up into it’s housing. Remember not to wax the cord, as it will have a hard time gripping while running through the housing motor.

Happy Detailing!