Properly Fueling your Boat

Everyone has to do it. Your boat needs fuel and it’s time to top off. At Shurhold, we believe there are a few rules of thumb you should follow to make sure you stay safe and protect both your boat and the environment. What follows are a few tips and tricks we have learned over the years when fueling our boats.

The first tip comes before you’ve even started fueling. Make sure your motors are keyed off so there is no demand on the system for more fuel. You don’t want any kind of induction during the filling process. The next tip affects boats with the modern day fuel fills designed to vent fuel out of the top as opposed to an overflow valve. By opening the vent cap and letting it breath for around a minute or so, you allow extra air to escape and make it easier for the system to receive fuel. That will hopefully limit any kind of overflow from your tank.

Just in case you do spill some fuel, you should always have an oil rag or fuel bib designed to soak up any spillage. Make sure to rinse the area throughly afterwords to avoid the fuel eating into your gelcoat or paint.

Finally, and arguably most importantly, stay with the boat during fueling! Don’t start the pump and walk away. It’s almost a guarantee that your boat will have an overflow issue at some point or another and your responsible for any fuel that ends up in the water. Spilling fuel can have serious consequences, sometimes several thousands of dollars in fines. Be careful, be attentive, and be aware!

Until next time, Shurhold is here to help keep your boat, truck, car, or RV Clean-N-Simple.