Protect that Investment in your Boat

It doesn’t much matter if your boat is made from aluminum or fiberglass and it doesn’t matter how big it is, combine the cost of that boat with the motor and the trailer it sits on and you’ve got a major investment.

Unless you leave your boat stored away and shrink-wrapped for protection, it will show the effects of weather and water. Direct sunshine alone is a killer on painted boat surfaces and gel coats.

Anyone who spends any time on the water has seen very expensive boats that are becoming badly oxidized, the bright luster having given way to a heavy film of dullness. Combine that with dirty water, and trip after trip after trip, the boat very quickly begins to show the effects.

And it’s just not pretty.

Take some pride in that boat. Put some work into it. You can make and keep even an older boat looking as if it just came off the showroom floor.

Waxing? If you wax your boat, then your heart is in the right place, but that is not going to take care of the problem. Wax will protect whats under it. If your boat is dirty, all you’re going to do is put wax over the contaminants and seal the stuff in.

If you were to look at your paint-gel coat under something like a microscope, you’d see nothing but hills and valleys and little pits of holes. And, it’s those pits and holes that literally fill up with contaminants. Washing the boat down with soap and water only removes some of it.

What needs to be done is to thoroughly clean all exposed surfaces of a painted or gel-coat surface with a boat cleaner. It gets down and cleans out all those valleys and pits, the pores.

Shurhold is committed to restoring and maintaining a beautiful finish on your boat. Buff Magic is the perfect way to clean, level, and polish the porous gel-coat. Pro Polish will keep it looking great month after month.

Serious Shine is a quick detailer that is good for vinyl, fiberglass, metal, plastic, glass, and rubber.  It’s an easy to use spray on that afterward provides a high gloss that will protect and repel water along with the Pro Polish.

Keep your investment Clean-N-Simple with Shurhold!