Remove Mold and Stains from Caulk

Over time your caulking can become discolored, faded, or covered by grime that leaves a noticeable blemish on an otherwise beautiful boat. Certain areas will also hold water, resulting in mold build-up. If simple washing and scraping won’t solve the problem, Shurhold has found a process that yields incredible results. We tested it on several strips of caulking on our boat and had very good results.

What you will need:

  • Tilex
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Cotten Strings
  • Painters Tape
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Gloves


How you do it:

You will start by taping off the areas around the caulking to prevent the Tilex from effecting your boats finish. This is important as a harsh cleaner like Tilex can strip your wax and eat into the fiberglass over time.

Your next step will be to soak the dirty caulking in Tilex. Watch for overspray and wipe up any excess product with a clean cloth. Then take a string of cotton and push it into the caulking. The cotton should start absorbing the product and fit right into the shape of the caulk. Spray more Tilex on top of the cotton string, thoroughly saturating the area.

Now take your plastic wrap and lay it over the soaked cotton string. Seal it around the edges. The idea is to make sure the Tlilex stays in the affected area and keeps working for around 24 hours, so make sure the fit is good and snug.

Wait a day and carefully remove the products to inspect the area. For light molding or staining, one application should be enough. If the mold persists, repeat the process. Our vessel had fairly bad stains and only took two rounds to get it shiny and bright.

Remember, Shurhold is here to help keep your boat, car, truck or RV “Clean-N-Simple”