Removing Hard Water Spots from Glass

Today John Greviskis with Ship Shape TV stopped by to catch up and see what the latest Video Tips are that we are producing on our Wellcraft 340 Coastal project boat. We covered how to remove Hard Water Spots from Glass. This video features Shurhold Buff Magic, Shurhold Magic Wool Polisher Pads, and Shurhold Magic Wool Hand Pads.

Magic Wool Hand Pads and Polisher Pads are great for restoring, maintaining and finishing all wood, metal, and glass surfaces.

• Clean brite work and teak wood on all marine crafts
• Remove rust and oxidation without scratching
• Polish all chrome, stainless steel, copper, and brass surfaces
• Polish and clean glass surfaces and solar panels
• Remove ‘Hard Water’ stains
• Strip paint and smooth raised wood surfaces

Instructions for buffing with the Magic Wool Pad and our Dual Action Polisher

Attach pad to the backing plate on Dual Action Polisher. Place machine with the pad in contact with the surface, then turn on. Keep machine moving up and back across the area. Do not hold in one place. Turn off machine prior to lifting the machine off the surface.

WARNING: Only use the pad speed of 1 or 2 while buffing.

For best results, use a very small amount of Buff Magic on the surface while buffing.

*Magic wool pads may also be used by hand. Always test for expected results in a small, inconspicuous area, prior to beginning.*

Until next time, keep your boat CLEAN-N-SIMPLE!