Restore your Car’s Headlights

You don’t have to stand for your car or RV’s headlights fading or turning yellow any more. The haze you see is actually caused by oxidation, which is the denaturing of the plastic headlight. Thankfully, Shurhold has a quick and easy way to restore your lights to like new condition.

What you need:


How you do it:

  • It’s always important to start with clean headlights, as any dirt or debris remaining on the headlights when using the polisher may cause additional scratches. You don’t have to wash the entire vehicle, but at least wet the headlights and clean them using car wash soap and a sponge. Dry them using a microfiber towel, and your surface is now prepped for restoration.


  • Tape off all edges of the headlights with painter’s tape. It’s important to do this as a precaution against unnecessary polishing of the paint on the hood or the bumper. (The tape provides a protective buffer.)


  • Take a cloth and apply a thin layer of the Buff Magic compound to the entire headlight, but be prepared for the next step, as you should NOT leave the compound on the headlight long enough for it to dry.


  • Use the polisher to the buff the headlight. Work the product in thoroughly on medium speed and keep the polisher moving. Stop once the product has all but disappeared


  • Wipe off any residue that is left from the compound using the microfiber towel, and inspect the headlight. If there is still a haze to the surface, repeat the last two steps. It may necessary to repeat these steps three or four times before the cloudiness is completely removed.


  • Once you are satisfied with the result, remove the painter’s tape. Wash the headlights again to ensure that all debris has been removed.


Your headlights should now be clear, which leads to safer night driving and a better-looking ride. Keep it Clean-N-Simple!