ROKK Wireless Charger Review

If you've ever wanted a Clean-N-Simple way to power your wireless charging phones, the Rokk Wireless Charger is the solution. We installed this device on our 23 Albury Brothers we call Project: SHURFUN as an easy way to secure and charge our cellular devices while on the water. 

Modern phones are more water resistant than ever before, with many of us becoming more and more open to having them out while offshore. Whether it's taking pictures, making calls, or playing music, we burn through battery life faster than ever. That means we've got to find a reliable charging system that can survive the marine environment. USB cables will quickly succumb to the salt air and can tangle. That's how we found the ROKK system. 

It was very easy to install, with only one wire in the system and a few screws. We chose to mount it through our Seadek pad, but it can be installed to bare fiberglass as well. It really couldn't be simpler. As long as your phone can charge wirelessly, the ROKK Wireless Charger is a must-have gadget for those of us who can't quite escape our cell phones. 

Until next time, Shurold is here to keep your boat Clean-N-Simple!