Should I use a Mitt or a Brush to clean my boat?

Should you be using a Wash Mitt to clean your boat? What about taking care of your isinglass? Let’s break down where and why you would use a Wash Mitt as opposed to a Brush.

A Wash Mitt has two major advantages; it can wrap around cylindrical objects and get into tight areas. Bow rails, towers, t-tops, under gunnel areas and hatches are perfect for using this handy tool. The drawback for using them everywhere on your boat, car, or RV relates to the length of the fibers, or pile, of the tool. The short fibers found on all Wash Mitts mean that any dirt or debris will be stuck at the surface of the mitt, getting rubbed into the material you're trying to clean. That will quickly lead to micro scratches in the paint, gelcoat or isinglass. Metal shouldn’t be affected.

That’s where a quality brush comes in. The length of the fibers pull dirt and debris into the brush and away from the surface you’re working on. When using the right brush, that means scratch-free cleaning. Shurhold offers a variety of brushes for cleaning every type of surface, meaning you’ll never have to worry about scratches again! To learn more about our brushes and which one is right for you, check out the video above.

Until next time, Shurhold is here to help keep your Boat, Truck, Car, or RV Clean-N-Simple!