Shurhold Buffing and Polishing Pads

Shurhold offers a number of pads designed to help restore the shine on your boat, car, or RV. Each pad has a purpose, but which one do you need for your project? Let’s find out, based on the machine you are working with.

Pads for the Dual Action Polisher

Dual Action Polisher
Buff Magic Compounding Pad – This white, mopish pad is a traditional pad made of a wool and acrylic blend. It’s used to cut oxidation and should be used to bring back a shine. You don’t want to wax with this pad, as it will mar the finish.

Buff Magic Foam Compounding Pad – This is simply a foam version of the wool compounding pad. It’s also designed to remove oxidation. There is no difference in performance between the foam and wool pads.

Pro Polish Pad – This black foam pad is designed to apply wax to a clean, buffed surface. For best results, keep the pad from saturating with product by cleaning frequently or changing pads

Pads for the Dual Action Polisher Pro

Dual Action Polisher PRO
Blue Foam Pad – Developed exclusively for the PRO, this pad is designed to cut heavy oxidation efficiently and safely at the higher OPM’s the PRO is designed to run at.

Orange Foam Pad – Designed to create a flawless finish, this light grit pad will remove all swirls, haze, and fine scratches from an already polished surface. Use this pad to finish the work started by the Blue Foam Pad for best results

Red Foam Pad – Our softest pad for the PRO, it is designed to apply Pro Polish or other cream based synthetic waxes. Use this pad only when looking to protect the finish created by other pads

Pads for the Pro Rotary Polisher

Rotary PRO
Rotary Compounding Pad – Maximum cutting power designed to remove the most severe oxidation. Keep the pad clean and unsaturated for best results, or have a few to change out throughout the project

Rotary Polishing Pad – A soft pad, this is designed to apply our Pro Polish or similar synthetic wax. Use only for finishing work on your project, as the pad lacks cutting power.