Using the One Bucket System to Rig Baits!

When fishing offshore, being prepared is the single most important thing you can do to increase your odds of success. Having your baits ready to go at a moments notice helps keep you on the top of your game. Here in South Florida, many fisherman rely on a rigged Ballyhoo as their bait of choice. If your new to offshore fishing, you’ll want to learn a few different way’s to rig these ballyhoo, but that’s not the point of this article. We’re here to help you with general rigging tips and a few things you’ll want to know to keep your baits performing as well as possible.

First, you can line the ring of a bucket with all of your rigs before you get started. This keeps them organized, untangled, and safely off the deck. Otherwise, you end up with a tangled mess that’s both dangerous to handle and creates kinks in the line. Next, a full bucket of water is a great place to rinse baits after rigging them. Removing the blood and scales from the fish before throwing it in a cooler will keep it fresher and more “natural” for when you deploy it in the spread.

Finally, you can use that bucket of water to quickly thaw your baits if your on a hot bite. Just leave the bucket in the sun on the back deck and you should go from frozen ballyhoo to workable ballyhoo in around 10 minutes. There you have it, another set of Clean-N-Simple Tips from Shurhold!