What makes a Shurhold Brush special?

Shurhold’s cleaning system incorporates the best brushes in the industry today. Walk the docks at your local marina and you are sure to see our signature yellow brushes on more than a few boats. Why are our brushes so popular amongst boaters and detailers? What makes them special?

The concept of a brush is simple. Take a stick, put some bristles on the end, and suddenly you have a tool you can use to clean most anything. Brushes will generally be better for cleaning  because the fibers will never “dig” into the paint or gel-coat like a wool mitt or non-microfiber towel. The bristles will bend out of the way long before hurting the surface with all but the stiffest brushes. Therefore, a brush is usually the best tool to clean with.

Shurhold took that concept and perfected it. Our brushes have several unique features that makes them the industry leader in design and function.

Flagged Bristles – Split fibers in the brush are designed to hold more soapy water and increase the surface area for a deeper, more thorough clean.

Corrosion Resistant Fittings – Used to hold the bristles in place, these high quality alloys will last for years and never rust.

Rubber Bumper – A protective ring around the brush itself to prevent the scratches, scrapes, and scuffs caused by other brands.

Shur-lock System – All of our brushes are compatible with the Shurhold “One-Handle-Does-it-All” series of handles. That means you can get the right brush for the job quickly and easily while saving space and time.

In short, our brushes have a number of features that comes together to create a simple but great product. Our commitment to quality translates in our brushes and we to hope to help you next time you wash YOUR boat, car, or RV!