How to Wax a Non-Skid Deck

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One way to keep a boat looking new is to maintain its non-skid deck. Shurhold Industries shares the basic steps needed to wax, seal and protect this delicate surface with a video of these tips in action at protect-non-skid-decks/.

In order to complete these steps, users need Shurhold’s Pro Polish, Dual Action Polisher, Brite Bonnet Microfiber Pad Cover and Soft Dual Action Polisher Brush. Users can start by setting up their Dual Action Polisher with the Soft Brush. This brush is designed to work polymer-based wax/protectants into non-skid. Only one brush is needed for the entire project. Owners can work in small 2′ square areas at a time and move on
as each spot is finished.

The Pro Polish can be applied in a ring pattern directly to the non- skid deck. After that, the brush face should be placed on the surface and the machine turned on at a low speed of two. Starting with the brush on the surface before turning it on or off helps reduce slinging and messiness.

As soon as the machine is on, it should be kept moving up and down. Only light pressure is needed. After that, users should move in the opposite direction, using a side-to-side overlapping pattern. Owners should slowly complete this process a couple of times until the product has almost totally disappeared.

When moving from one area to the next, it’s important to overlap a couple inches to make sure no spot is missed. Then the process can be started all over again.

Then, the Brite Bonnet pad can be used to hand wipe the area just worked. It will buff up any excess material left behind.

In addition to these basic steps, it’s important to remember not to use too much product. It will only create a mess. Use just enough to cover the area needed. The product should always be applied to the deck and not the polisher. Also, the machine should never be turned on unless it’s in contact with the surface.

Many boaters ask how many coats of wax should be applied. Shurhold’s Pro Polish is like a sunscreen. Two or three coats at a time will not make it last any longer or work any better. Shurhold recommends applying one coat about every four months.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.