Clean Door Tracks are a Breeze with Shurhold!

We're all stuck at home this spring, so why not do some Spring Cleaning with Shurhold? For our 30 Projects in 30 Days series, we are tackling a number of home projects that Shurhold can help accomplish.

Today, we're focusing on the tracks used by your sliding glass door. They can build up a lot of dirt over time, making them look nasty and even preventing the door from closing properly. Fortunately, they are easy to clean with the right tools.

All you'll need is a Shurhold Deck Brush, like our Combo Brush, some SMC, and a water hose. First, spray the door track liberally with SMC to break up the grime. That will make it easier to scrub clean. Next, use the hose to apply a little water to the track. That will make it easier for the brush fibers to grab the loose dirt. 

At this point, you're ready to scrub. Break up any remaining dirt and rinse the track throughly clean with water from the hose. All done! Until next time, Shurhold is here to help keep your home Clean-N-Simple.