Outdoor Furniture Looking Nasty? Clean it with Shurhold!

Does your outdoor furniture need a bath? Shurhold can help with that! In this 30 Projects in 30 Days segment, we're covering how to clean your outdoor patio furniture. 

You'll only need a few tools and one chemical. Pick out your Shurhold Deck Brush (we chose the Soft Brush for this plastic furniture) and a bottle of our Serious Multipurpose Cleaner. Make sure to grab a hose to rinse off the furniture when you're done and a chamois to dry them if you plan on using the seats right away.

Plastic and resin furniture is inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of styles, making it the most popular choice for deck and lawn furniture. It also happens to be the easiest to maintain. Simply spray with our SMC and scrub clean using the deck brush to keep plastic furniture looking good its best! The grime should come right off with little effort. Once the dirt has been broken up, rinse the furniture clean with fresh water. Finally, dry the surfaces with the chamois to avoid any water spots from forming and make the furniture usable right away.

Until next time, Shurhold is here to help keep your home Clean-N-Simple!