Clean Your Saturated Buffing Pads!

Have your buffing pads become less effective at removing oxidation and bringing back that showroom shine? Did the results start off great and get worse as you worked on the project? If so, your pad of choice is likey becoming saturated with the dead gelcoat, used compound, and leftover oils that come from polishing a boat. Once a pad is saturated, it's rendered ineffective. It's now time to grab a new one. Does that mean the old pad is worthless? No! 

Thanks to our Serious Pad Cleaner, you can bring those used pads back to life. All you have to do is make a solution of Serious Pad Cleaner in a container, likely a 5-gallon bucket. Once the solution is made, simply soak the dirty pads for around 20-30 minutes. The Serious Pad Cleaner will lift all of the compound, gelcoat, and paint out of the pad to the surface of the pad itself, making it easy to clean with a tool like our Utility Scrub Brush. Once you're done with that step, rinse the pad thoroughly and let air dry. Good as new!

With that said, Serious Pad Cleaner can be used for more than just pads. The citrus-based cleaner will lift dirt and grime from many porous surfaces, including your dock lines. Ditch that dingy dock line and get back the look of "fresh from the store" rope. Just put your lines into the solution just like you did with your buffing pads and let them soak. After 20 minutes or so, pull them out and scrub them clean. This job can be made far easier with a tool like our Rope & Cord brush that wraps around the rope for 360 degrees of cleaning bristles. 

And there you have it! Until next time, Shurhold is here to help keep your boat, truck, car, or RV Clean-N-Simple!