Serious Pad Cleaner

SKU #30803 Shurhold Serious Pad Cleaner
SKU #30803 Shurhold Serious Pad Cleaner

Serious Pad Cleaner is perfect for cleaning and rejuvenating your buffing pads. This citrus-based chemical lifts wax and compound to the top of the pad where it can easily be scrubbed off without the use of harsh chemicals that would shorten the pads life.

12 oz. Serious Pad Cleaner

Serious Pad Cleaner is scientifically formulated powdered cleaner for rejuvenating buffing pads.  Mixed with water this cleaner dissolves compounds and waxes from wool, foam and blended buffing pads cleaning them to be used over and over.  

For most pad cleaning applications Mix 2 scoops (scoop included) with 2 gallons of water.  This will allow for 10-12 batches.  The mixed solution can be used for up to a one week or until product no longer breaks down and cleans pads, whichever occurs first.

Also great for cleaning dock lines along with microfiber and cotton bonnets



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Attach the pad to the polisher. Apply a thin layer of Buff Magic to the surface with a paintbrush or other spreading tool. Place the pad on the coated surface and turn it on. Wash the pad after each use with soap or our Serious Pad Cleaner and lukewarm water. Allow to completely dry.


Customer Reviews

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Robert Smith
Well worth it

Great stuff. A must have to get your buffing pads and ropes back in shape.

Rick R
Excellent product

This cleaner helps you maintain your inventory of buffing pads and microfiber polishing towels. I'm a repeat customer of this product.

Tom Wachowski
Restores Pads & Brushes to New Condition

This is the #1 restore product for pads and brushes including the brush wheel and typical plastic brushes for cleaning the nooks and crannies of dirty bilges. I soak my pads and brushes in this after each use. And, I have also used it to clean ropes! The product cleans, reconditions, and gives me a fresh start for the next waxing! Used on a 40' Yacht for 4+ years.

Peter Thibault
Cleans Buff Magic Wool Pads

I used Serious Pad Cleaner to clean my wool buffing pads and it worked very well. Instructions were easy to follow.

Finally, easy pad cleaning!

I have often struggled with how to easily clean buffing pads after body prep, especially after lots of compounding. This cleaner really makes it simple! Mix, soak, swish, then repeat with plain water. I only need 1/2 scoop when cleaning Murkowski multiple pads, so easy!

Serious Pad Cleaner

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