Cleaning Non Skid Surfaces

"Maintaining clean non-skid surfaces on your boat can present a complex detailing challenge. This feature of boat design, while excellent for safety and traction, quickly traps sediment, making your otherwise pristine vessel appear dingy. Regular maintenance of these non-skid surfaces is key to maintaining your boat's aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the right cleaning tools for your non-skid surfaces is essential. Shurhold's Medium Deck Brush excels in cleaning these rough surfaces, with bristles designed to reach into tight, hard-to-clean areas. Pair this brush with a high-quality boat soap, like Shurhold's Brite Wash, for optimal results. Our Brite Wash is specially formulated to lift and trap dirt, allowing easy rinse-off, without compromising your boat's wax protection. For correct soap-to-water ratio, follow the instructions on our Brite Wash bottle or use our practical Bucket Grate to measure the perfect amount.

To ensure comprehensive cleaning, scrub along the channels of the non-skid surfaces, making sure the brush fibers follow the grooves. This method ensures every part of the deck is thoroughly cleaned.

For tougher stains, consider upgrading to Shurhold's Serious Marine Cleaner (SMC). This aggressive, yet boat-friendly cleaner effectively tackles stubborn stains without resorting to the damaging effects of bleach. Be aware, though, using SMC will strip away any wax on the treated areas, so remember to reapply wax after using this product. For optimal results, use the SMC in conjunction with our Medium Deck Brush.

Keeping your non-skid surfaces clean is just another way to keep your boat looking its best. With these Clean-N-Simple tips from Shurhold Industries, you can tackle this common boating detailing dilemma head-on."