How to Prevent Water & Soap Spots

Have you washed your boat, car, or RV only to return a few hours later to find it covered in hazy spots? It happened to John Greviskis on his way to film some Clean-N-Simple tips with Shurhold. Thankfully these annoying spots are easy to take care of with the right tools and little know how.

Soap Spots are created when you add too much boat soap into your wash mixture. It’s a common mistake. Most people think that more suds means more scrubbing power. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case. Instead, the mixture becomes thick and doesn’t rinse off or dry well. The leftover soapy water beads up and dries out, leaving the Soap Spot. You can can remove these spots with a generous amount of water followed by light scrubbing. To ensure a perfect wash mixture, we added precise measuring cups into our Bucket Grate. Simply fill up one of the 3oz cups with Brite Wash for half a bucket of water, and both cups for a full bucket. The resulting mixture will be strong enough to clean your boat yet wash off easily during the rinse.

Water spots are caused by high mineral contents in your water, which is common for most well water and pipe fed systems. When this “hard” water dries, it leaves behind a ring of those minerals. That’s your hard water stain. These can be prevented by drying all surfaces quickly, without letting the water evaporate. To help with that task, Shurhold has our Flexible Water Blade. This safe and easy to use tool will significantly cut down on your drying time by sweeping water off the surface, not absorbing it.

Until next time, keep it Clean-N-Simple!