How to Restore Acrylic Windshields (Plexiglass)

Has your boats acrylic or plexiglass windshield started to look a bit tired? Have scratches and haze replaced a once crystal clear finish? Before you look at replacing your windshield or resigning yourself to a worn out appearance, consider using Buff Magic to restore your windshield and make it look like new!

Hard plastic windshields, like the one on Project: SHURFUN, are susceptible to the same wear and tear your gel coat would be subject to. The sun can cause the windscreen to haze up and small scratches in your plexiglass can accumulate over time, limiting clarity.  Fortunately, the repair process is fairly simple!

We found it easiest to work on the windscreen with it removed from the boat, as there were clearance issues between the T-Top and the screen itself. It may be different on your boat. Start by giving it a quick wash. Once it's clean and dry, it's time to buff!

Applying Buff Magic to Windshield

Start by applying a thin layer of Buff Magic with either a chip brush or towel. Remember that a little goes a long way. Once the Buff Magic is on the windshield, grab your Dual Action Polisher and a Buff Magic Foam Compounding Pad. We like working with the foam pad on the plexiglass surface, but a traditional wool pad should work as well. Set the speed at 4 and begin to work the product in using parallel, overlapping patterns to eliminate light scratches and haze

Man Buffing Plexiglass Windshield

Thoroughly work the area until the Buff Magic has turned into a slick, oily haze on the surface. At this point, remove any excess residue from the Buff Magic to reveal a clean surface. Depending on the level of oxidation or depth of the scratches, you may need another pass with Buff Magic. If so, repeat the process. Once you're satisfied with the results, apply a quick layer of Pro Polish and reinstall the windshield if necessary! 

Two Men Installing Boat Windshield

There you have it! An easy project that can totally transform the look of your console. Until next time, Shurhold is here to keep your boat looking Clean-N-Simple!