Buff Magic Compound

SKU #YBP-0101 Shurhold Buff Magic 22 ounce
SKU #YBP-0101 Shurhold Buff Magic 22 ounce
SKU #YBP-0121 Shurhold Buff Magic 64 ounce
SKU #YBP-0103 Shurhold Buff Magic 10 pounds

The ultimate restoration compound! Buff Magic is designed to remove oxidation and surface imperfections, restoring that showroom shine. Also serves as an excellent metal polish for all of your stainless hardware.

Buff Magic is scientifically formulated with jeweler's rouge to be a metal polish, as well as a  buffing and polishing cream. This unique formula changes as you use it. With each pass of a buffer or hand polishing the proprietary abrasives in this compound break down smaller and smaller. This effectively creates a compound that can work your finish from very dull to ultra glossy with just one product.  Additionally, since you do not have to switch products, this will save you time and money.  

Buff Magic removes:

  • Oxidation
  • Gelcoat Staining
  • Surface Rust
  • Tarnish
  • Plexiglas scratches
  • P800 and finer DA scratches

Buff Magic is perfect for:

  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Rv's
  • Pot & Pans
  • Acrylic Tubs & Showers

Buff Magic has been formulated to be user-friendly whether buffing by machine or hand. It is also an ideal metal cleaner and polisher for steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, gold and other precious metals. Buff Magic is an NMMA Innovation Award Winner.

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HAND Application: apply sparingly with a clean microfiber towel over the oxidized surface. Hand buff in a circular motion until residue appears. Then remove residue by buffing with a soft dry microfiber cloth. Repeat for severe oxidation. 

The amount of Buff Magic will greatly depend on the level of oxidation, the size of the boat, RV, project, etc. Here are some general guidelines to help you out: 


  • Under 35 ft one 22 oz jar
  • 35-60 ft one 64 oz jar
  • 60+ft one 10 lb pail or more


  • Pop-ups and campers one 22 oz jar
  • Coaches and Buses one 64 oz jar

Auto & Home

  • One 22 oz jar should handle most of these projects

Don't forget all the areas Buff Magic can improve so buying a little extra will go a long way:

  • Fiberglass Boats, RVs, etc...
  • Cars
  • Stainless Steel Parts, Grill Covers, etc...
  • Glass Windows and Windshields

Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
Thomas Sherlock
Buff Magic

This product is great. Restores the finish and cleans the boat in preparation for the polish. Easy to work with. Great results.

Alan Murray
Buff Magic

I’ve been using this product for three years now. Easy to use and great results. I finish the job with Pro Polish and can’t say enough about the Shurhold products

Rich Weisheit
Great product, service

Recieved my shipment of BuffMagic in record time, and just finished buffing out my boat below the rubrail with wonderful results as usual. I always push this product to new boaters asking me what I use to keep my boat looking so good. I can't say enough about it...ease of use and great results.

Joe Salafia
Buff magic

I’ve been using this product for a number of years and find it to be extremely effective. It works very little effort.

Mark Mocho

I really like this product. I'm polishing my 35-year-old gelcoated sailplane (glider) and it did a great job, even though there is some crazing and surface cracking on the surface. Much shinier now! Easy to use and very effective.

Buff Magic Compound

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