How to use the Rotary PRO

Our Rotary PRO is an industry leading compounding and polishing tool. It’s very powerful and will make short work of heavy oxidation, scratches, or defects as long as the tool is used properly. 

However, using a rotary polisher can be daunting for beginners due to the risks associated with improper handling. In this tip, we provide you with a quick guide on how to use the Shurhold Pro Rotary Polisher safely and effectively to achieve professional-grade results. If you want to watch a video that really breaks down the details of using a Rotary, you can find one here! 

Important Tips:

  • Practice! You should get used to the machine on scrap before using it on your ride. There is a learning curve.


  • Make sure to fluff the pad before use to remove all of the lose hair, fiber, and possible debris. Use a stiff brush for this.


  • Keep the pad flat and balanced. You can also put the pad on an edge to achieve balance. Don’t let the machine walk or wobble


  • Keep the pad moving. The rotating action generates ample heat and shouldn’t be left working in any given area for to long to reduce the risk of burning the paint


  • Make sure you are working with a clean pad. Any dirt or abrasives in your pad will cut into the paint or gelcoat leaving noticeable scratches.


  • If using a wool compounding pad, don’t let it get clogged with excess product. Make sure it stays clean by using a spur, brush, or simply changing pads