Polish Metal and Acrylic with Ship Shape TV!

John Greviskis from Ship Shape TV stopped by to check out our 23 Albury Brothers we call Project: SHURFUN.  John wanted to see how we restored the faded stainless hardware as well as the hazy acrylic windshield. 

The key to both of these projects is our rubbing compound, Buff Magic. Did you know Buff Magic also makes a great metal polish? It contains Jewelers Rouge, a very fine aggregate designed to bring out the maximum shine possible from stainless, untreated aluminum, and more. To work on these smaller and more intricate surfaces, you can use a Dremel style tool with a wool polishing attachment. Simply apply the product and buff at a low to medium speed until you've reached the desired level of shine. Be sure to clean the hardware thoroughly afterwards!

As for your acrylic or plexiglass windshield, you can buff them in much the same way as you would your gelcoat. Just apply a little Buff Magic and work it in with a clean Buff Magic Compounding Pad. Make sure you're working on acrylic or plexiglass, as soft plastic glasses are to sensitive for a heavy compound like this one.

Make sure to check out our articles directly related to polishing both metals and acrylic  exclusively, where we break down the process in better detail. Until then, we're here to help keep your boat Clean-N-Simple!