Restoring Paint on your Car, Truck, or RV

Without proper care, your car, truck, or RV’s paint will fade from UV damage and environmental wear. The result will be a chalky, hazy finish regardless if you wash the vehicle or not. If this describes your ride, your paint has oxidized. The paint will need to be restored with some form of a compound. With a little know-how, you can tackle this project yourself.

Machine Compounding vs Hand Compounding
A few years ago, Orbital Buffers and Rotaries were the only way to machine compound. Because of the learning curve and potential risk these tools posed to your vehicles paint if used improperly, many enthusiasts continued to polish by hand. Modern day technology has come a long way. Quality and easy to use tools are now available that will provide a better result than hand polishing. If you are new to detailing, we suggest you use either our Dual Action Polisher or Dual Action Polisher PRO for two-stage paint restoration.

What you need:

How you do it:

  • Wash your car, truck or SUV and dry completely. You want to start with as clean of a surface as possible. If your unfamiliar with washing a car by hand, check out this article
  • Apply Buff Magic to your car with the chip brush. Remember that less is more with Buff Magic, so you shouldn’t apply a lot of product. A few dabs will do.
  • Start the Dual Action Polisher on it’s the lowest setting to spread out the product, and then increase the speed. Do not let the polisher “sit” in any one area for too long, as this may cause damage to the paint
  • Once Buff Magic has been worked to a haze, remove the product with a clean microfiber cloth
  • The surface should now have a deep, clear shine. Work through the entire car in this way, section by section. Good luck!