Ship Shape TV stops by to check out Project SHURFUN!

John Greviskis, long time friend and host of Ship Shape TV, stopped by the Shurhold Studio to learn more about Project SHURFUN, our Albury Brothers 23. John and Barry review the steps we took to restore the boat from it’s sun faded condition to a showroom shine.

To remove the heavy oxidation, we decided to start by wetsanding the entire boat using our Dual Action Polisher. If your interested in learning to wetsand, we have a helpful video located here. Be aware that this process removes a large amount of material quickly, so be careful if it’s your first time trying this technique.

The next step was to buff the entire boat using our Rotary Pro Polisher and our restoration compound, Buff Magic. This step was used to take the boat from a clean yet dull finish to a mirror like shine. A Rotary Pro offers the ability to complete this job quickly with outstanding results. For a more in depth expiation of how we did it, you can check out this video.

Once the hull in good shape, we added a ton of cool, new features to the boat including a custom T-Top, cooler seat, and more! We’re releasing the four part series next week with a new episodes every other week. Look for them here at or on our YouTube Channel. 

Until next time, Shurhold’s here to keep your boat Clean-N-Simple!